Do you need to raise capital? How to achieve your goals

If you are an entrepreneur looking for capital to take your company to the next level, understand these 10 important steps. Why Because investors know that most start-ups fail and most innovative ideas do not result in successful revenue generation. Understand that finding willing investors requires work, patience, perseverance and personal commitment.
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Always be concise. Every investor receives a lot of investment requests. Critical It is critical that everything you say and write is short, clear and complete. Your initial communications should be one or two pages long. Your elevator pitch, which is your verbal mirror, should be no more than sixty seconds and leave the investor looking for more information.
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1. Be realistic.

Projections that are beyond your capabilities will result in the investor simply ignoring everything you say and write. Investors hear every day how companies will be worth a billion dollars. Make sure you have solid facts to support your statements.
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2. Be safe.

You need to be fully convinced of your plans and the path to success. Your trust should shine through any communication with potential investors.
3. Be committed.

You need to be completely immersed in your business. It should be your full time job 24/7.

4. Be knowledgeable and know the specifics.

You need to be prepared to answer any questions that investors may have. Be prepared to defend how much capital you will need, how much your company is worth today, and the use of funds – in dollars. All answers should be complete and non-technical, but short and concise. Write a business plan with an excellent executive summary.
5. Be prepared to answer these three questions.

1) What makes you different, what makes your company a good investment?

2) How much money will you need and what will you need if you ask?

3) What is the expected return and exit strategy from the investor?

6. Be aware of your competition.
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Know exactly who your competition is and what they are doing at all times. Know why you are better positioned. Explain where your industry is going and how you will get there first.
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7. Be passionate.
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Investors will look at you first, and then your management team. Be willing to sell yourself first, then your team and idea. Know and be ready to clearly illustrate your past successes. Your passion and knowledge are the foundation for all your investor presentations. Demonstrate it at every opportunity.
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8. Have skin in play.
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Investors will want to know that you personally believe in your company and that you have invested in it yourself. Be willing to show how you have invested in your company.
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9. Know which investors to approach.
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There are types and classes of investors for companies at every stage. Understand the stage of your company and what investor resources you need to access. The typical investor rate is: a. friends and family, b. angels, c. entrepreneurial capital, private capital or sources of financing of strategic capital, d. pipe financing (if your investor exit involves public appearance).
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10. Choose only the best advisors.
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Make sure the consultants you hire are qualified, experienced professionals. They need to provide references that you can call, invest in their deals, know the language, own and operate their own ventures, be properly licensed and be able to demonstrate everything as much as possible above also providing evidence and / or references.
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