Trade war tradeoff: How a Missouri town got America´s dirtiest air

MARSTON, Missouri, June 2 (Reuters) – The residents of New Madrid County cheered in 2018 when a bankrupt aluminum smelter that rises over the Missouri region´s vast farm fields restarted operations and hiring, thanks to aluminum tariffs levied in President Donald Trump´s trade war.

“One cargo loading at current elevated rate levels can not only finance the scrubber capex, but also account for extra costs incurred to install the scrubber at a later date,” said Kapoor, referring to the capital expenditure of fitting the scrubber.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires the use of marine fuel with a sulphur limit of 0.5%, down from 3.5% currently, significantly inflating shippers’ fuel bills.

The Magnitude 7 Metals facility and the power plant next door that supplies its electricity together emitted about 30,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide pollution in 2019, according to the EPA data.

A clean washing machine drawer!’ a second shopper exclaimed. ‘For years, I’ve been scraping my knuckles, trying to clean the black sludge caused by fabric softener in my washing machine drawer. I’ve tried toothbrushes and steam cleaners.

The machine agitates the carpet surface using the pointer attached to the machine. This results in the creation of dirt residues that can be removed easily. The pointer attached to the machine removes these dirt residues. The role of the cleaning chemicals is that they act on the carpet surfaces and break the bond between the dirt and other impuritie

The carpet cleaner provided by the company falls under two classes- Injection-extraction fitted carpets cleaner, which is effective on all kinds of spots and clean the carpet deeply. It is effective against greasy soil and produces no foam. Neutral dry foam carpet shampoo which contains special resins to prevent resoiling and allows drying of carpet very fast using foam generato

It uses air pump to create partial vacuum in order to suck up dust and dirt. The dust and dirt is being collected in the disposal bag which can be disposed later. The dry vacuum cleaner offer by the company is of three varieties. One has metal body exfoliator brush for shower with anti corrosion layer and can be used in places like offices, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, malls, control rooms, pharmaceuticals et

Sophie first removes the detergent drawer and cleans everything inside with warm soapy water before using the sonic cleaning brush to reach all the parts of the drawer and the housing. In short, it’s a must-have for getting hard-to-reach areas sparkling.

Cleaning of carpets is necessary for beautification and removal of stains, dirt, sand, allergens, etc. You can’t all the time afford of purchasing new carpets as soon as the old one gets dirty. Hence, it is necessary that you take an extensive care of cleaning it.

Carpets are the home of many bacteria and germs as it can cause respiratory and other skin diseases. Hence, it is necessary to choose good carpet cleaner that can perform the cleaning process more abruptly. The carpet cleaners can either be machines or chemical

It has 1200W vacuum motor which generates airflow of 37 lt/sec. The other type is upright vacuum cleaner which can be used for corporate offices and hospitality. It comes with high grade filtration and HEPA filter options. And the third type of vacuum cleaner is light in weight with low noise level and is suitable for left and right handed us

Before the deadline, ship operators rushed to buy large quantities of compliant fuels to ensure adequate supplies, piling pressure on bunker suppliers and pushing premiums for delivered fuels to record highs.

Since the start of the year, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has banned ships from using fuels with a sulphur content exceeding 0.5%, from 3.5% earlier, unless they are equipped with sulphur-stripping devices known as scrubbers.

Carpet cleaning is the process of cleaning your carpet more frequently.

The cleaning process is totally dependent on the number of people living in the home. Those with having few people in home requires carpet cleaning once in week, Those having pets and small children requires four times a week, while the homes with multiple pets and small children need to be cleaned dail

The shortage of ships to move crude oil was so acute that some shipowners also switched from carrying so-called ‘clean’ or refined fuels like gasoline to ‘dirty’ cargoes that include crude oil, despite the costs of having to clean them later.

Malaysia, Singapore and Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, all marine refueling hubs, have banned the use of open-loop scrubbers. China is also set to extend a ban on scrubber discharge to more coastal regions.


sanctions on subsidiaries of vast Chinese shipping fleet Cosco in September sparked a surge in global oil shipping rates as traders scrambled to find non-blacklisted vessels to get their oil to market.

SINGAPORE, Oct 18 (Reuters) – Tankers that had been scheduled to install emissions-cutting equipment ahead of stricter pollution standards starting in 2020 have deferred their visits to the dry docks to capitalise on an unexpected surge in freight rates, three trade sources said.