A unique cleaning sponge called the is making waves in Australia for its ability to remove dirt and debris from kitchen pots and pans, shower screens, BBQs and couches – without the need for chemical soaps

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While retrofits were slow last year and delayed by technical difficulties and a lack of key parts, “scrubber adoption is expected to continue and a second wave of installations is expected this year”, said IHS, adding that it expected more than 3,500 units to be equipped with scrubbers by January 2021.

Mop up any spillages immediately. Take all the shelves, including the ones in the door, and wash them. Get into the grooves they slot into, too. If you’ve got a big fridge, check you haven’t forgotten stuff at the back. Use a wet microfibre cloth to clean it out once a week.

You could use a vinegar and water solution.

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Luckily, even in the time of Covid, you don’t need to go mad with fancy products. Fairy Liquid is excellent for cleaning surfaces.

And the coronavirus reacts to good old soap and water, so this is your most effective option. I’ve heard of people mixing bleach with other household chemicals, which is inadvisable, unless you want to welcome guests with an explosion. Also, the fumes could be bad for anyone with asthma.

Avoid hand-to-mouth contact, or ingesting the spores from a cough. You might prefer to remove some packaging — I always take the cellophane off packs of grapes — but the main thing is to wash your hands properly after handling it, and dry them on a clean towel.

“Over 70% of vessels currently undergoing scrubber retrofitting are doing so in China. On that front, there are on-going delays at shipyards because workforces are depleted, taking vessels out of action,” Charles Chasty, research analyst with broker Affinity Shipping, said.

Neither option has been fully tested for long, and some problems have already been reported, both with the more expensive new fuels and with devices known as scrubbers which extract the sulphur on board.

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A unique cleaning sponge called the is making waves in Australia for its ability to remove dirt and debris from kitchen pots and pans, shower screens, BBQs and couches – without the need for chemical soaps.

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“China accounts for over 40% of all new buildings. So, beyond the on-going current issues, such as the depletion of the labour force, vessels currently under construction are being delayed. Some of these vessels may even slip into 2021,” Chasty told the Reuters Global Markets Forum.

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BEIJING/LONDON, Feb 12 (Reuters) – Global ship deliveries have been hit as yards in China struggle to get fully back to work as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, with one shipbuilder saying it could not deliver two vessels.

Shipping sources said the delays were also having an impact on the fitting of exhaust gas cleaning systems known as scrubbers, which are needed to enable ships to continue to use high sulphur fuel after tough new rules on emissions.

Nautilus International, a union which represents over 20,000 workers in shipping, said the use of new fuel types would place extra strain on crews, who have reported incidents including power loss when changing fuels, filter problems and leaks.

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To clean a wooden board, stick it under a very hot tap, squirt on concentrated washing-up liquid, and use a pot scrubber to get into the grain. Dry it rather than leave it to air-dry, or else it may get warped, and even cause germs to multiply.